I enjoy viewing all kinds of art, but when it comes to creating my own, I admit striving for color, extreme detail, and high contrast.  Sometimes color comes straight from the tube.   Still life is my favorite subject matter, and all other subjects come in second.  I read that “apples don’t stand a chance next to the human figure”, and sometimes I believe it.  However, all it takes to start planning the next still life is to see a plate of vibrant tomatoes, ranging from green to glorious cadmium red light.  Any attempt to create a soft, muted painting has a 90% chance of ending up in a re-work pile.

 I’m a self-taught artist as much as one can be.  First paintings were created from paint left over from Christmas paint by numbers sets, using cardboard for canvas.  My 12th Christmas brought me a wooden box full of supplies.  I’ve had a painting in progress since then, thoroughly enjoying the creation process to this day. 

 If you ask why I enjoy the creative process, I would say the challenge & accomplishment of portraying my vision, observation of the endless inspiration that surrounds us, and seeing people fall in love with a painting that touches them.
 Janet Weaver,