Art is not a hobby, a distraction, nor recreation, but a way of life.

Throughout the years, counting from the age of 12 when I officially began creating oil paintings, art has always been on my mind. I may work at many mundane and necessary activities, but the details of a painting are always taking shape in the back of my mind. It may take ten years to get the image together, but one day it will live on a canvas.

Fascination is that a little paint, a flat surface, and a creative mind can form an image that will transport a viewer to another place, time or thought pattern. Every painting is a journey, for both the viewer and the artist.

The journey through a painting is just that. There are lessons learned, miles of strokes to be put down, choices to be made. When the journey comes to an end I will have created a work of art, completed as no other could, one of a kind.I prefer to make it a pleasant journey; full of color, lots of detail with subjects that inspire or intrigue.

I have been advised that the only way to make a name in the art world is to pick one subject and stick with it. That may be good advice, but before I know it I am painting a flower, a copper pot, or a face. Art in one’s soul will not be satisfied staying within man-made boundaries. Sunlight shining in a certain way, a striking color, or a random thought is all it takes to start the next journey into a new painting.

Janet Weaver,
(Cartoon title:  "Straight from the Looney Bird's Mouth)