I’m one of the lucky ones.  “Art” called to me early in life and gave me a passion that has endured all these years.   It stirred my imagination, taught me to be observant, to daydream, and gave a desire to capture it all in one way or another.  Inspiration can range from the most simple object or folded fabric to a very detailed idea in my head.  Light, color combinations on a plate of fruit can all inspire a future painting.  After a lifetime of creating art, my eyes have been trained to catch details when they unfold within sight.  To keep from being bored, or boring, I have four basic subject matter ideas that I float between.  Still Life, Figures (some portraits), Floral, and Imaginary.   Art, what a treasure, I can take it with me, or find it, anywhere I go.

 Janet Weaver,
(Cartoon title:  "ON SHAKEY GROUND!")